American Garnets

We have two different species of American garnets available.  The first is mined in Idaho and is known as Almandine (sometimes referred to as Almandite).  The color of Almandine garnets can range from reddish orange to reddish purple and is usually dark in tone.  In the smaller stones, our Idaho garnets are burnt orange in color.  The larger, 5mm rounds stones are a deep, purplish red.  

The second species is Chrome Pyrope, which originites in Arizona.  We call this variety by its nickname "Anthill" because they are found surrounding anthills.  The ants actually mine these stones, hauling the garnets out of the earth and displacing them on the earth around their hills.  Chrome Pyrope garnets are less common than other species of garnets.  These gems usually display a pure red color that is very dark in tone.  They are usually only found in small sizes and almost always cut in round or oval shapes.